How do you know the Landlords of the property you are renting are honest, reliable and, more importantly, following the current legislation which particularly relates to your health and safety whilst living in the property? The answer is, you don't.

The proof of a good Landlord is usually through the length of time a Tenant will remain at the Property and the general condition of the Property.  Tintagel and SMC have several long-running Tenants.  

Before you approach anyone with regard to renting a property from them, please read HM Government's 'How to Rent' and 'How to Rent a Safe Home' Guides available to read or download on our INFO page.

So why us?

If you’ve read our Introduction page, you will know that we care about our Tenants.  You’re not just a statistic, you are an integral part of our business and we want you to be happy so that you stay longer in the property you have chosen.

We have lived in rented properties and apply that experience to our business.  The biggest complaint we hear from Tenants is that their current Landlord or Letting Agent doesn’t attend to repairs fast enough or at all, leaving them feeling neglected and often with substandard properties to live in, hence the reason why they are moving on.  We strive very hard to deal with repairs quickly and effectively.  That doesn’t mean we will send a contractor around to fix a door handle immediately but we will get it fixed on our rolling schedule.  Obviously, hot water, heating and any safety issues are dealt with more quickly.

We are honest about the property you are about to rent and the Landlord who owns it so that you don’t have any surprises or unrealistic expectations.


These are by appointment and the timescale can depend on the number of appointments already booked for a particular day, and whether or not the property is occupied.  Properties which are empty can be seen the same day, diary permitting.  We also do our best to tailor the appointment to meet your needs.  We know you may have a busy work schedule and working days finish later than they used to so we do our best to carry out viewings set around your work schedule.  However, we also have to take into account the current occupier’s quiet enjoyment of the property and our diary commitments.  Although Tenants are leaving soon, they are still entitled to enjoy their early morning lie-ins or quiet evenings in.  Therefore, we try not to carry out viewings before 9:00am or after 6:30pm Monday to Friday and before 10:00am or after 5:30pm Saturdays.

We don't rush our viewings.  Of course, Tenants have normally made their mind up within a few seconds of entering the property, but we want to be sure that, if you do like the property, or perhaps just want to discuss our company terms and conditions, or seek further advice, you are given the opportunity to do so.

You want to rent the property, what’s next?

Once you’ve decided you like the property you’ve viewed and want to rent it out, we have another chat in our office to agree terms and dates before you place a £100 cash Holding Deposit with us (which is part of the balance due before you move in).  You need to be sure you will clear the Referencing process and that you really want to go ahead with the tenancy and can afford it.  At the same time, we will take a photocopy of some photographic ID (usually passport or driving licence) at least one recent bill showing your name and current address, a copy of your latest bank statement and, if currently renting, a copy of your most recent Tenancy Agreement.

Under current government legislation, all tenants, irrespective of their nationality, are subject to Right to Rent Checks.

The relevant Referencing forms are handed over and these are completed by you and returned without delay.  The details are then processed online and our Referencing company (Letmojo) carries out the relevant checks.  In the meantime, a credit check is carried out immediately and this is usually a good indication of whether or not you will be accepted for the tenancy.  Just because you have had a ‘black mark’ against your credit history at some stage does not mean you will automatically be rejected – it will depend on the age of the ‘black mark’, the amount outstanding (if any) and the type of credit you had difficulty with.  If you check “no” against the field on the application form that asks if you have ever had credit difficulties and it proves otherwise, then you will be rejected.  If, however, you check “yes”, further investigations will ensue and a decision made on those findings.  In the current economic climate, most people have some poor credit history, so honesty really is the best policy.

Other checks carried out by Letmojo are with your current Landlord or Letting Agent and your employer.  The sooner they respond to the checks, the sooner you will be accepted.

Some Tenants may be required to provide a Guarantor, this is normally when your income does not meet the affordability criteria for the rent, or your credit history is borderline.  This will normally be discussed before you place a Holding Deposit with us.  After all, we don’t want to waste your valuable money or time if you cannot provide a suitable Guarantor. Once you’ve been accepted, we notify you and you can start planning your move.

Students automatically require a Guarantor.  Overseas Students will need to provide a Guarantor living in the United Kingdom.  If unable to do so, then please discuss the alternative terms with the Property Manager.

Nearer the check-in date, we contact you again to remind you about the balance of monies due and set up a check-in time.  The check-in procedure is carried out at the property and you should allow at least one hour for this as there is documentation to be agreed and signed as well as discussing any aspects of the tenancy before handing over your keys.


When you’ve viewed a property and have decided it to rent it out, the following is carried out:

  • Holding Deposit paid.
  • Photocopies of photographic ID, current bill and bank statement taken.
  • Draft Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement and other documentation* required by law handed over to Tenant/s.
  • Right to Rent Check carried out.
  • Referencing Application completed by Tenant online.
  • Balance of monies due paid by Tenant:
    • First Month’s Rent in Advance
    • Security Deposit
    • Less Holding Deposit Paid
  • Check-in procedure carried out.

*Gas Safety Certificate (if applicable), EPC, Electrical Safety Certificate

‘After Sales’ Service

We rely on feedback from Tenants to improve the service we offer.  Therefore, if you are unhappy with any aspect of the service given, we want to hear from you so that we can endeavour to resolve and improve the situation.